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Inspection of real estate

Technical and forensic reports


I am buying a property

What is the real state of the property? Do I buy a pig in a poke? I need an independent view of an expert ...

Defect of

Is the roof leaking, do molds growth, do windows seal? I need someone who knows what is the deal...

I am building a property

Are the works conducted in accordance with the applicable standards? I need an advice of the expert ...

Our main goal is to protect the interests of the buyer and at the same time to improve the quality of constructed buildings in Slovakia.
In addition to the Slovak language, we can provide services to clients in English as well as in German.

Property inspection services

We check the real technical condition of the property before buying or selling.

Physical measurements

We provide diagnostics of defects using thermovision and acoustic measurements with certified measuring instruments.


Professional training for companies and organizations to extend their knowledge of building defects.

Building Control Surveyor

We guarantee a quality execution implementation in accordance with applicable standards and with an emphasis on cost.

Remediation projects

In case of construction failures, we will prepare a remediation project for you to rectify the emergency state.


We will prepare for you an energy certificate for the needs of building approval.

About us

Expertise and trust.

Our motto
We are a team of experienced specialists with adequate training and experience that allow us to examine in detail the technical condition of the property
We look at the fingers of developers, reveal dishonest dealers and we help check the condition of the property to the buyer before buying.

Why us?

One of the main advantages for the client to choose our company is the fact that an expert can come to the inspection and, if the situation requires, he can prepare a forensic report based on the performed inspection.


We are highly qualified professionals in the property segment with many years of professional experience.


Based on a revised methodology we check a number of parameters that determine the quality of buildings.


The price of expert report is negligible compared to the cost of repair for poor quality realization

Delivery time

We will prepare a detailed report on the inspection of the property and deliver within 3 business days.


Certified equipment in the form of modern instruments for measuring various physical quantities.

How does it work?

After consultation we will prepare a quotation and after its approval we will conduct a survey. We will prepare a detailed technical report that after paying the agreed price will be transfered to you.
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